Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Plastic crates is one of the most important products used  in Industrial Packaging. Crates come in different shapes and sizes serving a variety of purposes. The different types of crates include Vegetable crates, Milk crates, Fish crates, Multipurpose crates, Storage crates for Meat products, Flower crates and many more.
Crates are manufactured using different material grades of PP and HDPE depending on the utility and weight required for the crate the material is decided upon.

Crate mold development is not simple like other Plastic house ware articles. The mold manufacturing for crates requires experienced engineers for achieving the right design and quality for good production volumes without any glitches. 90% of the molds can be developed with automatic ejection systems and with hot runner (Branded and Good quality makes of China). Hundreds of crate molds are developed every year in China which are successfully running with small, medium and large scale plastic processors.
Sourcing from the right tool maker from China is important. Onemold has the key to right engineers with the right expertise for the right kind of crate design. Ensuring the steel quality, mold design, very good hardness and a high quality mold is essential.
The Mould structure
Every industrial product mould needs to achieve the exact part dimensions and part weights hence it is important to consider the shrinkage of the material after moulding. For this the gating system, cooling lines, quality of hot runners play an important role in achieving a good end product.
Mould cooling time in crates is the biggest factor to be considered for high end productions. Many tool makers use regular cooling designs for these product, however customized cooling systems need to be designed for every part separately. Optimization of cooling process can save many thousand dollars in the overall cycle period during production. Even cooling lines are considered as the backbone of the product function in many cases of industrial category especially in the cases of multi cavity complex moulds.

Given below is a recently fabricated mold drawing with test sample photos.

Need more assistance for crate molds you can write to us at info@onemold.com. 


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