Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Thin wall molds

Thin wall molds today are very popular among Plastic industries manufacturing products designed for Food packaging, medical usage, electrical appliances, telecommunication products and to a large extent in the automotive industry as well.

Thin wall product manufacturers focus on mass production and thereby achieving shortest possible cycle times in order to achieve their market demands. Products being light in weight and thin reducing the overall material costs and higher productivity can be achieved.

Usually thin wall products being used in food packaging are required to have excellent finish and no markings on the product. In order to achieve this the quality of injection molds is extremely important. These are molds which require skilled technicians and engineers for developing design and achieving precision. The mold maker ideally selects steel which are robust and can withstand high stress and pressures. Good mold construction through hardened steel and skilled crafting can ensure a long lasting mold.

Here is an example of high quality mold developed for thin wall cutlery. 8 cavity Spoon injection mold made in P20 steel. Watch test video: